Print this page Performance summaries - How can an Admin print an individual summary in a PDF?

Knowledge Article Number 000212668
Description Administrators can print Individual user summary in a PDF format by leveraging the Feedback Request ID.
Resolution Administrators would need to edit the custom report type "Performance summary request with answer" first and include the Feedback Request ID field.

1. Navigate to Setup | Create | Report Types
2. Click on the "Performance Summary Requests with Answers" custom report type
3. Click Edit Layout button under Fields Available for Reports section
4. On the right hand side select View: Feedback Request Fields
5. From the available fields, select the Feedback Request ID field and drag it to the Summary Request section
6. Save the changes

Include the Feedback Request ID field in the performance summary report:

1. Navigate to the Reports tab
2. Create a new report or edit your existing "Performance Summary with Answers" report
3. Under the fields section, search for Feedback Request ID and add it to the report under Preview section
4. Save the report
Note: The report can be customized further.
5. Copy the Feedback Request ID corresponding to the user's summary you would like to open
6. Paste the copied Feedback Request ID in the URL right after

User-added image

7. The user's summary will appear
8. Click on the arrow button and select Print Summary to print the summary in a PDF format


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