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Why can't I edit a Related List?

Knowledge Article Number 000212692

When customizing your page layouts, it's essential to know what you can, or cannot do.

Related lists for Custom Objects can always be edited. Still some, like "Notes & Attachments", can never be customized in any object.

Below is a list of Standard Object Related Lists that can't be customized. (Objects not listed will still be limited by those available across all objects they are available in)

Resolution All Objects
  • Contact Roles 
  • Notes & Attachments
  • All Field History Tracking Related Lists
  • Opportunity Stage History
  • External Sharing
  • Groups
  • Contact Roles
  • Competitors
  • Groups 
  • External Sharing
  • Contact Roles
  • Account Team
  • Standard Prices
  • Price Books
Price Books
  • Products

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