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SQLite Error: Table sync entity configuration has no column name sync folder name

Knowledge Article Number 000212693

Salesforce will not sync and provides an error after entering the Login credentials.

Unable to connect to Salesforce. 

Unable to access your outlook data. Review the appropriate log for details.

SQLite error
table SyncEntityConfiguration has no column named syncFolderName.

                                                      SQLLite Error table sync entity configuration has no column name syncFolderName.
  1. Close both Outlook and the Salesforce for Outlook plug-in. To close the plug-in right click on the icon in your system tray and select 'Exit'.
  2. Click start and type %appdata% in Search Bar.
  3. Select folder.
  4. Select Salesforce for Outlook folder.
  5. Right click on DB folder and rename it example: DB old.
  6. Open Outlook and wait until it loads up.
  7. Open Salesforce for Outlook plug-in.
  8. You'll receive a prompt to sign in with your Salesforce Username and password, if not follow next step.
  9. If you do not receive a prompt to sign in, right click on Salesforce for Outlook system tray icon, select settings and you will receive a prompt to sign in. Enter the Login credentials and click on Login to Salesforce.
  10. Click Allow.
  11. Click Next and check the sync folders.
  12. Select the type of sync method i.e. Manual / Automatic and click Next.
  13. Select the kinds of private items you want to sync and click next.
  14. Click Save and click ok. 

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