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How do you add an image on a Custom Chat page in Live Agent

Knowledge Article Number 000212694
Description  In  Salesforce allow you to add custom images to your custom chat pages. For example, 
to add a Company logo as an image, a System Administrator can add the logo as a static resource and use the Visualforce code below to add the picture to their custom chat page.

To store the image as a Static Resource, please follow these instructions:
1. Click on the Setup.
2. Click on Develop.
3. Click on Static Resources.
4. Press the New button.
5. Add a Name to the Resource; keep in mind the name as it will be used in the Visualforce tag later.

Once the individual image is upload as a Static Resource, please add the following tag to the Visualforce page to display the image to get the image to show when the page loads. To access the page, please go to the following Click on Setup|Develop|Visualforce|pagename. The width and height with the number
next to the image allows the user to change the size of the image.

<apex:image url="{!$Resourcename.imagename}" width="75" height="75"/>


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