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Why do I receive a "Master Language: bad value for restricted picklist field" error?

Knowledge Article Number 000212723
Description I'm getting an error message saying "Master Language: bad value for restricted picklist field" and a language code. How can I resolve this?
Resolution This error message might appear depending on your signup country. The signup country value cannot be changed but to workaround this issue you would need to activate the following permissions:
  • Enable end-user languages
  • Enable platform-only languages
To do this please navigate to Setup | Company Profile | Language Settings.

Depending on what language you used during the signup process you might need only one of the two or both of them.
Please note that you don't actually have to use any of the languages, you just have to enable the permissions.

More about Language Settings: Language Settings Overview
Supported Languages: What languages does Salesforce support?
Known Issue: Enabling Topics for objects results in "bad value for restricted picklist field" errors

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