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Opportunity Product Related list not Sorted

Knowledge Article Number 000212770
Description The Sort Drop down under Opportunity Product related list on Standard Object/Custom object is not functional?

Steps to Reproduce:-
  • Create new custom field (Data type:- Lookup directed towards any Standard/Custom Object) on  Opportunity Product Object
  •  Edit the Page layout of the Parent object and scroll down towards the Opportunity Product Related list and Click on "Spanner Icon":-User-added image
  • You will notice the "Sort Drop Down" and select any field to drop down either Ascending OR Descending:-
  • User-added image
Resolution Opportunity Product related list on any object is sorted by default based on Product Name and sort by other field is not functional though the Sort Option is available on the Related list:-

Documentation: Customize Related Lists

Refer: Select a field from the Sort By drop-down list to sort the items in the related list, which will be displayed in ascending order unless you select Descending. The default sort order varies per record. The Sort By drop-down is not available for activities and opportunity products.

Idea requesting enhancement: 
Change sort order on opportunity product related list

The Idea has been delivered in Lightning Experience, the fields are sortable as follows:
Sortable: Created By, Date, Discount, Last Modified By, Line Description, Product Code, Quantity, Sales Price, Total Price
Not sortable: List Price, Product

Find more info in the Summer '16 Release Notes:
Opportunity Products: Find Products with Ease in Lightning Experience

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