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Formula inconsistencies between Reports and Records

Knowledge Article Number 000212785
Description We have found there are some inconsistencies between the results of reports their source records when displaying formula fields. Please take note of the below scenarios.
Resolution When using a formula with the DATEVALUE() function, you may see the returned date result varies between the record and the report if the Date/Time value being read from falls within the 11pm and 1am (23:00 and 01:00) hours. This is due to a known bug.

Workaround: The only known workaround is to avoid having these values fall within the 11pm and 1am (23:00 and 01:00) hours.


We have identified some varied behavior when using a combination of the TEXT() and ISBLANK() functions on a date or date/time field (i.e. ISBLANK(TEXT(Date/Time)) .) The record will return a FALSE value, but the report will show as TRUE. This is due to the returned values. On the record, the value will truly be blank. On the report, the value will actually return with "Z" as that is how it is recorded in the database.

Workaround: The workaround is to eliminate the use of the TEXT() function from the formula. The use of ISBLANK(Date/Time) works just fine and will produce consistent results.

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