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Map Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users to Marketing Cloud Lock and Publish Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000212802
​If you map the Microsoft Dynamic CRM Service User to the Marketing Cloud API User in an Enterprise Account, you can then map Microsoft Dynamic CRM Users to any of the Lock and Publish Accounts or Users in the Enterprise Account. Learn some best practices for mapping the Users below. 

Best practices for mapping Users

  • Ensure that you have the same Attributes in all of the Accounts so they match when you map them. 
  • If you map the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service User to a User in a Lock and Publish Account, you can only map other Users to that same Lock and Publish Account. You won't be able to see any of the other Lock and Publish accounts in that instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
  • Because the Record Owner Send option duplicates the "On Your Behalf" functionality, you don't need to map Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users to "On Your Behalf " type Accounts.

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