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Restrict users from seeing a field without deleting it

Knowledge Article Number 000212823
Description System Administrators may want to restrict access to a particular field to certain users without deleting the field altogether. There are different ways to accomplish this, each with different impacts to the visibility of the field to the user.

There are 3 ways to control access to a field without deleting the field and those are Field Level Security, Page Layouts, and Custom Report Type Layouts

Field Level Security

Removing access to a field via Field Level Security for a particular profile completely removes visibility to that field.

Heads up - Field Level Security is not available in or Group Edition, Contact Manager, or Professional Edition.   

Page Layouts

Taking a field off of a Page Layout removes visibility for that field on that page layout only. The field will still be visible through Reporting and the API.

Custom Report Types

Taking a field off of a custom report type removes the ability to add that field to a report using that specific report type only. This field can still be visible if left on Page Layouts and if Field Level Security is set to Visible. Additionally, the field is still available via the API.

Note: Universally required field cannot be removed from page layout and also the field level security cannot be changed for these field.

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