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Product & Service Notifications

Knowledge Article Number 000212843
Description More information on Product and Service Notifications, sent to admins of Salesforce orgs via email, containing transactional communications that may impact their use of Salesforce.

Last updated on October 25, 2016.

1. What are Product and Service Notifications?

Product and Service Notifications are communications from the Salesforce Technology Communications team that are sent to admins of Salesforce orgs via email, to alert them of any changes to features, functionality, or service that may impact their use of Salesforce. These notifications may include actions admins must take in order to prepare for these changes.


Product & Service Notifications include:

  • Major Release Reminders

  • Off-Cycle Releases (outside of the 24-hour standard release window)

  • Product Behavior Changes

  • Service Maintenances

  • Feature Retirement Notifications (End-of-Support, End-of-Pilot)

2. Who is the audience for Product and Service Notifications?

Our target audience is admins who manage changes to Salesforce features, functionality or service, on behalf of their organization. We define an admin as any user with a profile that has the following permissions enabled:

  • Manage Users
  • Modify All Data


Check your profile or ask the admin of your Salesforce org to see if you have these permissions enabled.

NOTE: If a sandbox org is impacted by a change, the admin(s) of the production org associated with the impacted sandbox org will receive the Product and Service Notification.


3. How do I manage the types of Product and Service Notifications I receive?

  1. To manage the types of notifications you’d like to receive, please log into the Help & Training portal and navigate to Notification Preferences under My Settings.

    1. My Settings is located within the user icon in the upper right hand corner of the Help & Training portal.

  2. For each type of communication, you may check or uncheck the boxes corresponding with different modes of communication (e.g. phone, email, etc).

  3. Please note that these preferences will be stored for your contact record and will not save your preferences for other admins on your Salesforce org.

  4. If you have more questions about how to manage your Notification Preferences in Help & Training, please see the How to Manage your Notification Preferences in Help & Training article or open a case via the Help & Training portal.

4. Why are these communications important?

If you are an admin of a Salesforce org, receiving these notifications is critical to preparing for changes that may impact your organization. Product and Service Notifications are not marketing emails; they are communications based on your organization’s Salesforce implementation.


5. How often are these communications sent?

Each type of communication has its own notification cadence and guidelines. For planned activities, changes and updates, our goal is to give customers as much notice as possible to prepare for the change, especially if there is an action they need to take. Additionally, reminders may be sent leading up to that change to ensure customers are aware and completely prepared.


The following matrix provides you with an overview of the major communications and associated notification periods:


Product and Service Notifications

1st Notification

Reminders or Updates

Major Release Reminders

3 times per year


Off-Cycle Release Notifications (Outside of the 24-hour standard release window)

1 month

1 week

Product Behavior Changes

Varies as needed

Varies as needed

Service Maintenance Notifications*

Varies as needed

Varies as needed

Feature Retirement Notifications

12 months

6 months, 3 months, 1 month

End-of-Support Notifications

9 months

6 months, 3 months, 1 month

End-of-Pilot Notifications

30 days



*Notification of Salesforce taking an extended or off-cycle maintenance


Additionally, please review the below list of other articles for more detailed information on specific communications:


6. What email address are the Product and Service Notifications sent from?

These communications are sent from with the header: "Product and Service Notification”.


7. If the admin(s) for my organization works across multiple orgs, will that admin(s) receive multiple notifications for any given Product and Service Notification?

As Product and Service Notifications are sent to targeted customer lists based on whether or not your organization will be impacted by a particular change, admins will receive a Product and Service Notification for each of the impacted orgs that they manage.

For example, if you are an admin for three different orgs (each with a unique orgID), you will receive Product and Service Notifications for each of those orgs whenever the org, or your users, are impacted by a change that may require you to take action.


8. Where can I manage my preferences for Marketing Communications from Salesforce?

You may submit your email address to opt-out of Marketing Communications from Salesforce here:

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