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Integration Data Extract import process fails

Knowledge Article Number 000212870

After upgrading ExactTarget for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a revision capable of using the FTP-Based Tracking Retrieval (Data Extract Import), the daily Data Extract fails to complete.

The following error is displayed in the Connector Log in the Data Extract Import process:


Date/Time Stamp] 15 INFO [OrgName] Connector (null) "Request of type ExactTarget.MSCRM4.ConnectorService.v2.DataExtract.DataExtractRequest and id 4e016db5-0e59-430f-a8e0-55caae08a1f4 is currently executing." ""
[Date/Time Stamp] 7 ERROR [OrgName] Connector 4e016db5-0e59-430f-a8e0-55caae08a1f4 "Unexpected error occurred while executing request." "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Server stack trace:
at ExactTarget.MSCRM4.ConnectorService.v2.Configuration.Crm4DataExtractRetrieverConfig.RefreshLastExtract(String orgName)



Manage the Extract Import date

Resolve the error by following these steps:

1. Create the following registry key: HKLM\Software\ExactTarget\MSCRM\[OrgName]\LastExtract
2. Enter the value of the LastExtract in the M/D/YYYY date format for the day prior the extract import needs to be run.

For example, if the Extract Import needs to pick up tracking data files beginning on 5/8/2015, the value of LastExtract should be 5/7/2015.

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