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Use a different Sender Profile or Reply Address in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Knowledge Article Number 000212879
In order to send emails using a different Reply Address in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you'll need to create a Sender Profile in your Marketing Cloud Account, and then choose it when you're sending from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Note: If you're using an Enterprise 1 account, all Sender Profiles must be made at the top level. In Enterprise 2 accounts, each business unit can store them.


Send from a different Reply Address

1. Create a Sender Profile - Set the "From Name" and the "From Email Address". The From Name is the email display name.


2. Create a new Send Classification - When creating the Classification, you can choose the "Commercial" type Send Classification option to have it send based on the Subscriber Status. Choose the Sender Profile you just created to be assigned to this new Send Classification.


3. Use the Send Classification - Select the newly created Send Classification that includes the Sender Profile you created from the From drop down field in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Account when you send an email.

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