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How to associate a solution to a case using Visual Flow?

Knowledge Article Number 000212887
Description This articles details a specific use case of attaching a solution record to a case record using Visual Workflow.
Resolution When you have a Flow which creates a solution record and wants to associate it to a case, you can make use of the CaseSolution object.

CaseSolution is the standard object that links solution to cases. For more information on this object, please refer CaseSolution

For Example:
  • The Flow has a record create for both the Case Object and Solution Object (a record lookup should work as well), you need to ensure that the ID for both Objects are stored as a variable that can be referenced later
  • Add a "Record Create" for the CaseSolution object.
  • Assign the Case ID and Solution ID(which are stored in variables) in the respective fields in the CaseSolution object


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