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In my approval process, why is my updated field not being included in my Visual Force email alert?

Knowledge Article Number 000212909
Description Approval Processes with both a Field Update and an Email Alert action may fail to include updated values when Visualforce Templates are used.  The merge data in the email alert may not display the correct updated merge field data.
Resolution This is expected behavior when using Visual Force template in an email alert that is referencing a merge field at the same time a field update action is occurring.  Although the actions are triggering simultaneously, The Visual Force template queries the data before the field updates are carried out.  

Work around:

1) Replace VF email template with a TEXT/HTML template in the approval process.


2) Remove email alert (which uses the VF template) from the approval process and implement the workflow action to send an email alert(with VF template) when the status the status field changes.  Need to select "Re-evaluate Work Flow Rules after Field Change" on field update under approval process.


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