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Error when installing the Chatter Desktop - Installer Damaged

Knowledge Article Number 000212910
Description When installing Chatter Desktop, the installer may throw the following error message

Sorry, an error has occurred.

The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.
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Make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements for installing Chatter Desktop
Resolution To resolve this error message and successfully install Chatter Desktop, you can try the following


Closing all your browsers and try again

Simply close all your browsers and applications. Either try a different browser if you have another one installed such as Firefox or Google Chrome and login to Salesforce and try to install the Chatter Desktop.


Turn off UAC

You can also try the steps below
  • Click on the Start | Control Panel
  • In the Search box in the upper right corner, type UAC or User Account Control
  • Click on Change User Account Control Settings and click Yes if prompted
  • Drag the gauge/slider to the lowest level to set it to Never Notify
  • Click Yes if prompted
  • Restart your machine ( Do not skip this step )
  • You can change this setting back after you are done installing Chatter Desktop

Delete all the cached files and try again

Next follow below steps:
1. Uninstall Adobe AIR from Start | Control Panel | Programs | Programs and Features (if installed) 
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2. Next, click on Start and type in %appdata% and press Enter. This will open the Roaming folder and you should see the folder path on top as Your username > „AppData > Roaming

In the AppData | Roaming folder, check for the following folders and delete them if they exist: 

sfdc-desktop.<some alpha numeric characters>
See the screen shot below
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3. In the Roaming folder, look for a folder called Adobe and double click on it. Inside the Adobe folder, look for a folder called AIR, if it exist, select it and Delete it
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4.Last folder you need to remove is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe AIR
5. Download and install the latest Adobe AIR from the Adobe's web site HERE
* You can try saving your downloaded file and then run it as Administrator using the right click and selecting run as administrator option. You can always reach out to your Internal Help Desk team and ask them for assistance
6.  Now you are ready to login to Salesforce and install the Chatter Desktop. Please see the Install Chatter Desktop article


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