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Salesforce for Outlook - Side Panel error when trying to add an email - We couldn't add this item. Please try adding this item again.

Knowledge Article Number 000212913
Description ISSUE
When you select an email in Outlook, in Inbox or any other folder as well as composing a new email, or even replying to an email and trying to associate that email to a record in Salesforce using the Side Panel, the Side Panel throws an error message on top after you click on the Envelope icon next to the record name
We couldn't add this item. Please try adding this item again.
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The error message could be due to a number of reasons, but a potential cause could be:
-  A validation Rule on the Task object
- A workflow Rule
- An Apex trigger
- Email body/content is too large (Description field)

and so on.
Note* Emails are added as Completed Tasks so anything that would prevent or filter Tasks could cause this error
You can start by the email itself. The question is if it's happening with every single email or just some. If the issue is happening only with certain email then it could be related to the content of that email, the Description field in Salesforce has a character limit of 32k (32,768). So check for any HTML signature or make sure the email body is not too large. As a test, try to forward the email and then modify the content, delete some of it and see if you can add the email
If it is happening with all email, then you can check the Validation Rule section for Tasks, Contacts and any other objects in Salesforce that you try to add the email to, and if you see anything that could prevent the email from associating, ask the org's Salesforce Administrator to disable these rules, workflow rules, etc temporarily and then try to reproduce the issue again see if it works
Note** If you have multiple Validation rules, you can try disabling them one at a time and try to reproduce the issue
You may have to do the same for Workflow Rules and Apex Triggers
 If you are unable to find the cause for this issue, contact Salesforce support for further investigation 

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