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Unable to import the 'PublishStatus' for Knowledge using DataLoader

Knowledge Article Number 000212917
Description How would you  import the 'PublishStatus' for Knowledge using DataLoader?
Resolution There is currently no possibility for updating an article, publishing it, unpublishing it or archiving it. It is in our plans to deliver those capabilities, but it is still a couple of releases away. The KnowledgeArticle object does not support create() .Only way is through the UI or Import Wizard. Following are the list of objects that API supports:|StartTopic=Content%2Fsforce_api_erd_support.htm|SkinName=webhelp

But you can use the following SOQL clause which  uses KnowledgeArticleVersion to query all published articles from all article types complying with the classification specified in the WITH DATA CATEGORY clause: 

SELECT Title, Summary 
FROM KnowledgeArticleVersion 
WHERE PublishStatus='Online' 
AND Language = 'en_US' 
WITH DATA CATEGORY Geography__c ABOVE_OR_BELOW europe__c AND Product__c BELOW All__c 

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