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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Changing Record Types Through Dataloader

Knowledge Article Number 000212922
Description Changing record types for multiple records via the dataloader is not as straight forward as it would seem.  Instead of using the record type name, usage of the record type ID gathered via the URL is required.

Resolution To complete this action:
  1. Export a report of the record IDs that need to be updated to a CSV file.
  2. Navigate to the record type in the setup menu of your org.
  3. Isolate the record type ID from the URL:
  4. Add a column to your exported file with the header recordtypeID and fill in the column with the aforementioned record type ID.  Save the file.
  5. Load your file into the dataloader as an update, associate it with the correct object, and map the new recordtypeID column to the field RecordTypeID.
  6. Complete the data load.
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