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Investigating Exchange SyncError

Knowledge Article Number 000212938
Description Administrators can create a report to help with Exchange Sync Diagnostics. 
Resolution 1. As an Administrator navigate to Setup | Create | Report Types | New Custom Report type

2. Here (Step 1 of 2) select the Primary Object to ExchangeSyncError

3. Type in name for the Report Type Label field such as "Exchange Sync report"

4. Fill in the Description field

5. For the Store in Category  drop down field select Administrative Reports

6. Select the In Development radio button which can only be seen by System Administrators or select Deployed if you want it to be available to all users with the access to the Folders

** For more flexibility around user information when selecting the Primary object this could be set to Users and then it would allow the Secondary Object to be set in the step 2 of 2 to be ExchangeSyncError".  This would give access to fields such as Userid and other

7. Navigate to the Reports tab and select New Report

8. Select Administrative Reports | Exchange Sync report and select the Create button

9. Drag all ExchangeSyncError (User) fields into the preview pane in the Wizard

10. Drop down Format chooser and select Summary

11. Drop the field that is needed to summarize the report by into the Drop a field here to create a grouping
Suggestions here would be "Username" or "Created Date"

12. Run the report and adjust filters as needed and Save

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