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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: 7 Domains - Domain #1 - Defining your Vision and Strategy

Knowledge Article Number 000212946
Description Where are you on your Salesforce journey? Have you only just implemented and are looking to make sure everything runs smoothly? Or are you struggling to accommodate requests for new functionality from end users? Perhaps you’re hearing from end users that the system is too complicated to use and not bringing them business value.
We hear these issues on a regular basis – and it’s not surprising: ensuring something as fundamental and complex as your CRM is properly aligned with changing business goals and supports multiple teams that rely on can indeed be a challenge.
This is why we have developed the ‘7 Domains Framework’. This is an adaptable framework to help you, our customers, drive business value from your Salesforce investment.
Building your vision and strategy around the customer
The webinar below focuses on the first of the seven domains: Vision and Strategy. This domain will help you articulate your vision and derive tangible business objectives from it. It also guides you through how to prioritize these objectives based upon likely obstacles and anticipated business value.
We’ll walk you through a demo of how you can use personas, customer journey, moments of engagement and empathy maps to help you take a customer-centric approach to tackling strategy and vision.
You’ll also learn about how to operationalize this vision and strategy by mapping the business objectives to KPIs and Salesforce capabilities, touching briefly upon the ‘Success Metrics’ and ‘Roadmap’ domains.

Extending the approach to analyze internal processes – including your Salesforce implementation
The practical approach to understand the customer journey that we outline here can also be extended to analyze more internal processes or ‘journeys’ – such as order processing or logistics – that may impact the customer experience or be critical for cost objectives and the satisfaction of teams in your organization. If you’re a Salesforce administrator, this ‘journey’ and empathy-based approach can help you get insights into the experience of your end users and identify ways to bring them more business value in their roles.

Webinar overview
  • 1’35: Introduction – What you might be thinking
  • 3’12: Overview of the 7 Domains Framework
  • 5’32: Step 1: Define Vision
    • 8’26: Demo – Using Personas, Customer Journeys and Empathy Maps to define your Vision & Strategy
    • 24’10: Extra tips for ideation sessions
    • 28’22: Applying customer journey logic to internal processes and designing your Salesforce end user journey
  • 34’30: Step 2: build your strategy
    • 44’19: Mapping value drivers to measurable benefits
    • 45’53: Mapping value drivers to Salesforce capabilities
    • 47’58: Mapping value drivers with Key Stakeholders
  • 48’55: Step 3: Identifying Obstacles
  • 55’06: Step 4: Prioritize Goals
  • 1’00’58: Wrap-up 
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