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Only part of my email's body or message is posted in Chatter when replying or posting via email

Knowledge Article Number 000212995
Description User's may report that only a part of their email message's body is converted into a chatter post when using email to post to a group or reply to a chatter notification.

If the chatter email reply or email message begins with one of the characters (= - _)  on their own line, users will receive a notification with the subject, "Your post couldn't be created via email" and the following details in the email's body:

"Something went wrong while processing your email to <Your Organization Name>.

We couldn't read the text in your email.

Make your post directly in <Your Organization Name>. 
https://<instance or my domain>"

In addition, above error can also occur when Spanish Microsoft Outlook client (or other non-English email clients) end user replies to Chatter post via email. 
Resolution This is expected behavior and intended to automatically exclude potential email signatures from chatter posts sent and created via email.

A new line in the email's body which contains only an underscore, hyphen/dash or equal sign and any email content that subsequently follows will be automatically removed or excluded when the corresponding chatter post is created.

These characters are commonly an indication that an email signature is going to follow so as a design consideration, the characters and content after them are excluded to prevent unnecessary noise created by including signatures in chatter posts from emails.

Spanish Microsoft Outlook client (or other non-English email clients) end user reports this error and end user is not using one of the characters (= - _)  on their own line in email body, the error is related to known issue

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