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Email address shown as the "From Name" on reports sent through Marketing Cloud Data and Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000213002
You'll see the email address listed as the "From Name" on reports because Data and Analytics reports that are delivered by an email send use the address listed as the notification email address set in your User Account. 
If you'd like to check your Notification Email Address, follow these instructions: 
1. Hover over your name in the top-right corner.
2. Click Cloud Preferences.
3. Click User Settings.
4. Under "General Settings," see your  Notification Email Address.

If receiving a message from your own email address causes issues with your email service provider, you can select an alternate report delivery method.  Alternative delivery methods include Enhanced FTP and downloading the file in your browser.  

Note: Files exceeding 20 MB in size don't have the option to download, but Enhanced FTP is still available.

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