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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Version 4 - Send status stuck in "waiting for processing"

Knowledge Article Number 000213003
Description Sends created in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 4 integration are stuck in the "waiting for processing" status for an extended period of time (several minutes).
In the ExactTarget Configuration Editor, the "Max Concurrent Requests" on the Connector tab, governs the number of separate processes (processing sends or retrieving tracking) the integration will run simultaneously. For example, if this setting is set to 1, then the integration will only do one action at a time. Therefore, if you create a send while the integration is retrieving tracking,  the send will not start processing until after the tracking retrieval job is finished.

The default value for this setting is 3. You may need to increase this if you are creating large numbers of sends at the same time. Setting the value too high will put more strain on the CRM server, so the maximum recommended setting will vary according to the server hardware. As a best practice, you should set it no higher than 5.

Changing the Max Concurrent Requests setting requires a restart of the connector service. Restarting the connector service clears the queue of sends to be processed.  Therefore, any sends which are in the "Waiting for Processing" status when the connector is restarted will never be picked up for sending. 

You can force those sends to go out by manually changing their status in CRM. To do this you have to make the status field editable:

1. Go to Settings | Customization | Customize Entities.
2. Double click on ExactTarget Send.
3. Click on Forms and Views.
4. Double click on Form.
5. Double click on the Status Reason field.
6. Un-check "Field is read-only".
7. Click OK.

You can now set any pending sends to a status of Active, which will cause them to get picked up next time there is a thread available.

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