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Set oAuth ApplicationID for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Knowledge Article Number 000213006

The oAuth Application ID in the integration configuration within Microsoft Dynamics CRM controls whether the following functions are used:

  • Subscriber level tracking data without SubscriberKey enabled. 
  • Email Address updates from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Marketing Cloud.
  • Import Version 7 (vOrange).

You'll find it helpful to know the following information: 

  • Original oAuth Application ID Value


  • Recommended OAuth Application ID Value (Enables features mentioned above)




Update oAuth ApplicationID


1. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click Advanced Find.
2. Click ExactTarget Configuration from the "Locate" drop down. 
3. Click Execute.
4. Select the single entry which appears within the results.
5. Input the recommended oAuth ApplicationID into the field labeled "oAuth Application ID."
6. Click Save.

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