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Unable to view articles in Community Templates

Knowledge Article Number 000213012
Description When setting up the community, admin or the community manager might notice that articles do not appear in Appropriate Topics in community.

The topics should be associated with existing data categories, so that it appears in the appropriate topics in the community.
To ensure that articles appear in the community, set data category visibility at the profile level for each category you associate with a topic.

Here are the steps:

- Create a Community with any template e.g. Napili Template (Make sure you have articles created)

Click Customize | Communities | All Communities| "Manage" beside Community name.

Click on “Community Management” at the top right below the login name

Click on “Topics” at the left 

Go to Navigational topics and you will find 'Articles Topic'

- Click on it and you will have an option to add the category

Associate articles to the Community by clicking on “Add Articles and Close window”

- Once the Articles are associated with topics you can view articles in the community under featured topics

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