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Why do I get an "invalid username" error when logging in with the correct username?

Knowledge Article Number 000213016
Description Not being able to log in using Internet Explorer, but able to log in using other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. 

Error message:
Your login attempt has failed. The username or password may be incorrect, or your location or login time may be restricted. Please contact the administrator at your company for help.

Further symptoms:
  • No login attempts show up on the user's user record in the org.
  • Issue occurs on different networks and machines, but only in Internet Explorer.
  • Other users can log in on the affected user's machine and Internet Explorer browser without issues.
Resolution To resolve this, a system administrator should remove the user's username from the User Record and then manually re-enter it. 

Possible cause:
The username may have been created on a machine/browser with a language pack different from the standard pack, therefore causing a non-standard character to be created that is not recognized in Internet Explorer. 

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