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NGO Connect & Advancement Connect Spring '16 Release

Knowledge Article Number 000213022
Description NGO Connect and Advancement Connect are applications developed in partnership with roundCorner (rC). As such, much of the documentation refers to roundCorner technology specifically.


If you have any questions, or run into any issues regarding the latest version of NGO Connect or Advancement Connect please reach out to your Account Executive, Implementation Partner, or Technical Support.

Upgrade Notes

Note 1
  • Upgrades of NGO Connect orgs and Advancement Connect orgs with packages installed before 9/10/2014 (this is any Pre-NGOC packages or roundCause packages) will cause changes to license counts on the upgraded packages unless that package was previously upgraded for the customerUpgrades on orgs created after 9/10/14 or that were previously upgraded since 9/10/14 will proceed with no issuesThe impact of license reductions is that only two users will have access to packaged fields/functionality until the license counts are correctedThis is due to an unresolved licensing platform bug in Salesforce infrastructure that neither roundCorner nor have any control over. To minimize the impact of package license reductions, please coordinate upgrades with the licensing team
  • If you are a Customer or a Salesforce Partner  currently using rC packages and is concerned about licensing please reach out Support by emailing Please email them in advance to schedule a window of time for the upgrade, or expect delays in fixes trailing a notification
  • To find out when you last upgraded a specific package, go to Setup -> Installed Packages.  Click on the package you are upgrading and view the Modified By field

Note 2
  • Before upgrading, review ALL release notes, upgrade documentation, and new feature documentation 
  • Upgrades may involve architectural changes or functionality changes that cause existing functionality to immediately stop operating until upgrade configuration steps are performed 
  • Some custom partner-implemented functionality may require review, depending on the nature of the custom functionality and the nature of the upgrade
  • Perform an upgrade in a sandbox to familiarize yourself with new functionality before proceeding with an upgrade in production

Note 3
  • All package links are for ''
  • Please replace 'test' with 'login' in the package link if installing in a Production environment

NGO Connect and Advancement Connect - Spring '16 Release Upgrade Guide

***Please make sure you have read note "Notes" above***

NGO Connect and Advancement Connect for Spring '16 are here. What are some of the Highlights, New Features, Improvements, and Fixes? Please see below:

NGO Connect
Upgrade Guide:
New Features & Improvements:
Fixed Issues:
Known Issues:​

Advancement Connect
Upgrade Guide:
New Features & Improvements:
Fixed Issues:​
Known Issues:​

Install Links

After you have considered everything above you will need to inform the Salesforce rep working on your case that you have gone over the information in this article and that you want the NGO Connect Install Links. The following NGO Connect Install Links are currently available and can be requested by NGO Connect Specialist from

NGO ConnectAdvancement Connect
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Need further Help upgrading?

If you still need further help you can always log into the Power of Us Hub by clicking here.


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