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Unable to access Discover in Marketing Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000213028
Discover is sold on a per-user license basis. This means that only an approved number of Users may access Discover at a given time, depending on the contract.  If you have Admin access  in your client account you can make updates to the users who do or do not have permission to access the application. 

Manage Users and Permissions

If you don't have enough licenses, an Administrator can disable an unused license and add it for a new User. Here's how: 
1. Log in to the Admin account. 
2. Hover over the Welcome [User Name]  in the top-right corner.
3. Click Administration.
4. On the "Overview" tab, click Users
5. If you would like to remove Discover access for a specific User, select the checkbox next to the User's name. 
6. Click Manage Roles
7. Click Edit Permissions
8. Ensure that Discover is checked as "Deny" or deselect the permission of Discover
9. Click Save
10. When you have removed any necessary Users from having access to Discover, complete the same steps to enable Discover for the User who you would like to grant access by selecting the Allow check box.
11. Click Save.

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