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Tracking Data Extract file is not readable in Marketing Cloud Email

Knowledge Article Number 000213030

Tracking extracts are designed to produce one or more compressed files, delivered to the FTP in a .ZIP file. If the file naming pattern is not set up correctly, it will produce a corrupt file full of random strings of characters.

Here's how to fix the problem:


Set up your Data Extract file's naming pattern correctly


1. Go to Email | Interactions | Data Extract.
2. Find your data extract in the alphabetical-ordered list, then click the name of your Data Extract.
3. Under "Properties," enter the file name as desired (ending with ".zip") in the "File Naming Pattern" field.


  • (Incorrect): tracking_extract
  • (Incorrect):
  • (Correct):

4. Under "Fields," select the desired file output type under "Format" (this defaults to CSV, which will produce a comma-delimited file).

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