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"Error Populating data extension. Send will not be processed" message when trying to Send

Knowledge Article Number 000213047
"Error Populating data extension. Send will not be processed" occurs when trying to Send through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 4 integration. This is because the Send is attempting to use Send Batching. This process relies on the creation of a Data Extension in the Marketing Cloud account. The request from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the Marketing Cloud to create that Data Extensions is failing, which causes the Send to fail with the error.


Resolving the error

Follow these steps: 

1. Confirm that the Send Batching option is currently enabled for Microsoft Dynamics CRM using these steps: 

1. Log onto the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.
2.  Go to Start | Programs | ExactTarget to launch the ExactTarget Configuration Editor. 
3. Click the Send tab.

If the number of records you were attempting to send is greater than the number listed in the field for Threshold, and the Send Batching option is checked, then this advanced functionality will be used.

Note: The checkbox for enabling Send Batching is not available in the most recent version of the Configuration Editor.
2. If Send Batching is being used, check the following to find the source of the send-time error:
  • Send Batching is not enabled on the Marketing Cloud sidePlease contact Marketing Cloud Support to verify that it's enabled for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If it's not, Marketing Cloud Support can complete the steps necessary to get it enabled.
  • Verify that the Marketing Cloud API User has been configured so they are able to create a Data Extension - The user needs the ability to have the permission checked for Manage Data Extension Data and Retention Policy and the user will need to have the View Tracking Only permission unchecked. For an Enterprise 2.0 account, the Marketing Cloud User that is mapped to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User initiating the Send also needs the Manage Data Retention permission allowed through their assigned roles.

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