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Refresh case feed in a Salesforce console

Knowledge Article Number 000213051

Previously, when the case feed tab was refreshed the entire tab refreshed, but this caused users to loose their position in the feed, and slower performance. Now, only the feed and detail views refresh. The noticeable difference is that Visualforce pages embedded in case feed layouts are no longer refreshed. If you need the entire tab to refresh we'll show you what to do. 


You can manually refresh entire tabs with embedded Visualforce pages from the drop-down on the tab bar.

Since calls to toolkit methods, such as "refreshPrimaryTabById," now selectively refresh the feed and detail views, it no longer refreshes embedded Visualforce pages. To ensure these pages refresh when case details are changed, use the "sforce.interaction.entityFeed.onObjectUpdate" toolkit method. This allows Visualforce pages to receive notification of a change and to re-render after records are updated. See onObjectUpdate() in the Open CTI Developer's Guide.

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