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How to make SmallPhotoURL field visible to Guest Users after enabling Communities in the org?

Knowledge Article Number 000213069
Description Use case:

Before Enabling Communities: 
All the Site Guest Users will have access to the SmallPhotoURL field on User Object via apex code.

After Enabling Communities:
All the Site Guest Users will NOT have access to the SmallPhotoURL field on User Object via apex code.
Also makes it unavailable and NOT being visible via browser's Inspect Element Tools.

SmallPhotoURL field visibility to Guest Users

Enabling Communities puts additional security for the users even if they have PUBLIC READ ONLY access on their profile.

To make the Guest Users view other community member's photo associated in the community, the individual user should enable additional the below perms at their end.
  • View your profile by clicking Your Name | My Profile at the top of any page or by clicking the Profile tab.
  • Hover over the stock photo and click Add Photo, or if you previously added a photo, click Update.
  • Click Browse....
  • Select a file to upload and click Open.
  • Photos can be .jpg, .gif, or .png format up to 8 MB.
  • Drag the dotted lines in the photo to create a thumbnail image that displays next to your name or the group’s name around the application.
  • If the photo is for your profile and you’re a member of any communities, you can select Show in communities with publicly accessible pagesThis makes the photo visible to guest users viewing publicly accessible sites or pages that don’t require login.
  • Click Save.
By Enabling this perm "Show in communities with Publicly Accessible Pages"on the profile, this makes the Guest User to be able to access the SmallPhotoURL field on the User and can be able to
view the picture of the other community members. 

Before ENABLING the Communities by the Admin, this has to be taken care of to make sure the Guest Users has the ability to see the picture of the associated community members.


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