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"Enable ExactTarget" button missing

Knowledge Article Number 000213094
The "Enabled ExactTarget" button is missing from the ribbon bar in Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4 Integration.  This prevents you from mapping Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users to ExactTarget Users.  This is not a limitation of the ExactTarget Integration and the "Enable ExactTarget" button should be visible.

Configure settings to show button

Follow these steps to make the "Enable ExactTarget" button visible: 
1. Ensure Microsoft Outlook is closed on your machine.
2. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer and access Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
3. Go to Settings | Administration | System Settings | Customization.
4. Under the "Custom Menus and Toolbars" section, click the button next to the text box.
5. If you have values in the selected values box, move them all to the "Available Values" box, and then click Ok | Ok. 
6. Under the "Custom Menus and Toolbars" section, click the button next to the text box.
7. Re-add the values from the "Available Values" box to the "Selected Values" box, and then click Ok | Ok.
8. Open up Microsoft Outlook and clear the cache.
9. Go to Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options | Custom Forms | Manage Forms.
10. Clear Microsoft Internet Explorer's cache and restart the browser.

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