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Communicate important information in an email sent from Marketing Cloud when images are blocked

Knowledge Article Number 000213095
Image blocking occurs when your subscriber’s email client disables the display of images in an email. Email clients may block images by default to: limit the consumption of system resources or bandwidth, speed up email loading times, or to block inappropriate or malicious content.
As best practices for working around email clients that block images, ensure that you:
  • Use a design that retains readability when the images disabled.
  • Avoid using graphics to carry important messages. Ensure that the body of the email contains the important information as well.
  • Include ALT tags in cases where an image must be used, 
  • Use HTML text and web-safe fonts when possible such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman and Georgia, especially in your key message or call-to-action. This ensures that the message is visible even when images are blocked. 

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