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Create a subscriber engagement report for Salesforce Leads and Contacts in Marketing Cloud Connector

Knowledge Article Number 000213105
To improve your sender reputation, you can create a custom report to view unengaged subscribers and decide if you want to discontinue sending to them. You'll first create a custom report type in your Salesforce instance and then create the custom report. 

Create a Custom Report Type


1. Create a new Custom Report Type.

  • For your primary object, if you're running this report against Contacts, choose "Contacts." If you're running this report against Leads, choose "Leads."
2. You'll now be able to see the primary object you chose in the "A" box. Click the box below and choose Individual Email Results as the section of your primary object that you would like to use for your report.
3. In the "B" box, select "A" records may or may not have related "B" records.
4. Click Save.
You'll see a summary page of the report you just created. From here you can go back to edit this if you want.

Create a Custom Report

1. Create a new report.
2. Open the folder where you chose to store the new custom report.
This is typically in the in the "Accounts & Contacts" or the "Leads" folder.
3. Select the custom report you just created.
4. Click Create.
You'll see a screen with a list of all the fields available to choose for your report. Scroll until you see the "Individual Email Results" section of this list. All of the tracking attribute fields that you have set up for your Salesforce instance are listed below this section. 
5. Select an attribute and drag it over to the right to add that as a column for your report.
For subscriber engagement reports, select attributes such as "Clicks" and "Opens."
6. In your report filters, set your desired date range.
Date Field = Created Date
Range = Custom Date Range
From = Beginning date when leads or contacts were created in your Salesforce instance
To = End date when leads or contacts were created in your Salesforce instance

7. Add any other filters you would like.
8. Click Run Report.
9. Once the report runs, you can then export the results or save that report in your Unfiled Public Reports folder to send to it later.

Important: If this report is not saved in the "Unfiled Public Reports" folder, you cannot use it for sending with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector.

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