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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector - Version 3 - Individual Email Result Sent Events Not Posting

Knowledge Article Number 000213125
Description In version 1.29 and higher of  the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector version 3, a new configurable option was added to the Admin Console, which allows direct control for whether Sent Events are returned with Individual Email Results. This option is unselected by default.

If an account was previously returning Individual Level Tracking, there is a behavior change after installing the upgrade to version 1.29 or higher. Sent Events are no longer returned by default.
In order to return Sent Events,  follow the steps below:

1. With a System Administrator user, access the ExactTarget tab.
2. Select the sub-tab Admin Console.
3. Under the Tracking section, select the Sent Events Tracking checkbox.
4. Click Submit.

Sent Events will be returned with Individual Email Results for all sends moving forward.

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