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Report on the contacts that have clicked an email link for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

Knowledge Article Number 000213126
You can run a report within Salesforce that shows all contacts who have clicked on a particular link with the email send and also show their Contact ID field. You can use this information to add these contacts into another campaign, so that you can send a followup email. Follow these steps to create a Salesforce report to show the contacts with the contact ID that have clicked on a link from an email that you sent.
Resolution To show Contacts with their Contact ID field for links clicked, you will need to create a new Report Type. Follow these steps in your Salesforce organization:

1. Click Setup at the top right.
2. Under "App Setup' on the left, click Create | Report Types.
3. Click New Custom Report Type.
4. For the "Primary Object", choose Contact
5. Enter a report name in the "Report Type Label" (ex. Contacts w/ID and Link Clicked)
6. In the "Description" field, either copy the Report Type Label or type in an appropriate description.
7. Choose the Report Category to add the type in.
This can be whichever category you feel comfortable with it showing in. The Marketing Cloud report types are in "Other Reports" if you want to keep these together.
8. Choose Deployed under "Deployment Status" to make the Report Type available.
9. Click Next.
10. On the next screen, click on the box '(Click to relate another object)'.
11. Select Individual Email Results from the drop-down list.
12. Choose the second option for "A" records may or may not have related "B" records.
13. Select the checkbox for "(Click to relate another object)".
14. Select Link Details.
15. Choose the second option for "B" records may or may not have related "C" records".
16. Click Save.

You can now choose this report type to create a new report.


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