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Emails added to Salesforce disappear from the "Sent Items" folder in Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000213141
Description Sent emails added to a Salesforce Object on the Side Panel, disappear from the "Sent Items" folder in Outlook.
Resolution Emails do not disappear when they are added to Salesforce. If the "Categories" are enabled in Outlook the category "Added to Salesforce" will be added automatically to the emails. If the Outlook view is arranged by Categories, the email with "Added to Salesforce" category might appear at the end of the "Sent Items" folder list view. Adding the email to Salesforce (and adding the category automatically) might seem, that the email "disappeared" from the view, although it was just re-assigned to another category on the list view. 

To change the list view sort order follow these steps:

- Select Sent Items Folder
- Click View Tab 
- Under Arrangement > Select Date


- Select Sent Items Folder
- Click "Arranged by: " 
- Select Date

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