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Salesforce Reports are not visible in the Marketing Cloud Email Send Wizard

Knowledge Article Number 000213149
The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector retrieves the list of available Reports and Campaigns to choose from by using the Salesforce Tracking User. This Tracking User is a Salesforce User that Marketing Cloud uses to make API calls into Salesforce. This information can be found in Marketing Cloud on the Salesforce Integration menu option under Admin.

If there are reports not visible in the Marketing Cloud Email Send wizard, either the Salesforce Tracking User doesn't have permission to view the report, in which case you'd need to share the report with the individual User or the Salesforce Tracking User's password is not the same as the password on the corresponding Salesforce Account.

If the Salesforce Tracking User can access the reports, Marketing Cloud can access those reports (with the exception of reports in the personal reports folder) as well. 

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