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Subscriber unable to save changes in Profile Center

Knowledge Article Number 000213173

When a Subscriber clicks Update Profile and Subscription Preferences within an email that was sent using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector, they receive the "There was an error saving your subscriber information. Please try again later" error message. 

There are two reasons you'll receive this error message:


  • One or more fields within Salesforce are mapped to Marketing Cloud Profile or Preference attributes and don't have "Read/Write" access granted within the Salesforce account.
  • The fields have "Read/Write" access, but the Salesforce Tracking User that's defined doesn't have access to modify these fields in Salesforce.

Verify Attribute mappings and field access

Please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

1. Within the Marketing Cloud, go to Subscribers | Profile and Preference Management.
2. View the properties of each profile and preference attribute to verify whether the attribute is mapped to a Salesforce field.

    This is shown on the Salesforce tab within the "Properties" window.

3. If an Attribute is mapped, note the name of the field in Salesforce to which the Marketing Cloud attribute is mapped.
4. Verify with your Salesforce Administrator that this field has "read/write" access.
5. Ensure that the profile that is set for the Salesforce Tracking User within Salesforce has the ability to edit these fields.

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