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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Training - RPT-101 Reporting Fundamentals

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Description RPT-101 Reporting Fundamentals course - Improving the management of Data and Analytics with Reporting Fundamentals


Reports and Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business and can effectively leverage your company data to enable valuable real-time insight and timely action.  Using them successfully can make your organization more productive, act as a real management tool for your users, and so give a competitive edge to your business.
Reports and Dashboards can provide you and your colleagues with the real-time statistics and metrics and put the control of company information right at your fingertips. The amount of time you can save by implementing Dashboards can be substantial too; according to a study, 4,000 Salesforce customers reported that they reduced the amount of time that they spent making reports by 52%.


Our 1 day RPT-101 Reporting Fundamentals course is a must for all users who need to use and report on the data managed within their Salesforce instance.  Sales or Marketing users, Sales Managers, Business Analysts, Administrators and the Executive leaders will all benefit from attending this course.


Having the skills to quickly create and action Reports and Dashboards will deliver huge benefits to all Salesforce users.  This course covers existing reports as well as the Salesforce reporting tool set, to teach you how to customize existing reports as well as creating your own reports from scratch. You’ll learn how to dig deeper with detailed reports, which anyone can create. You’ll also be able to access your reports and dashboards from anywhere.
In addition, we’ll give you the skills to build dashboards using a drag & drop builder and show you how to enhance your reports via formulas and filters in order to really analyze your business.
When you complete this course, you’ll be able to:
  • Work with standard reports
  • Establish a report building process
  • Build custom reports using different reporting formats
  • Group and summarize reports
  • Use field filters and filter logic
  • Add charts and conditional highlighting
  • Create dashboards
For more information about this course including a schedule of dates and fees, please contact your Account Executive, review the attached data sheet, or visit:

For resources check out the Achieve More with Salesforce: Analyze Your Data Hub

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