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Received a "Salesforce is unable to connect to Marketing Cloud" error message

Knowledge Article Number 000213182
You received an error, "Salesforce is unable to connect to Marketing Cloud. Please contact your system administrator to ensure the API user credentials are correct." This is a symptom of a password mismatch between the Marketing Cloud user to the mapped Salesforce user in Connector Version 5.  

To resolve the issue, you'll need to clear the OAuth Token field, using the below steps. 

Important: This applies to MC Connect package 5.491 or older.  For clearing out the oAuth Token for MC Connect versions 5.493 or higher, please go here.

Clear the OAuth Token

1. Ensure that the OAuth Token field is mapped for the User's Page Layout: 

1. Click Setup.
2. Go to Build | Customize.
3. Go to Users | Page Layouts.
4. Click Edit.
5. Map "Marketing Cloud OAuth Token." 

2. Save the layout.
3. Go to the User's page in Salesforce.
4. Edit the User.
5. Clear the OAuth Token.
6. Click Save.
You're prompted to enter in your Marketing Cloud credentials when you click the Marketing Cloud tab again.

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