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Find certain limits and the current usage for API, email, reports, dashboard and storage

Knowledge Article Number 000213191
Description There are various usage limits pertaining to APIs, emails, reports, dashboards and storage. We'll cover how you can find the current maximum limit and the current remaining limits.
Resolution If you have access to a tool called Workbench, you can go to REST Explorer under utilities and run the following GET request: 

This will give you the maximum limit and the remaining limit for the things like: 
  • ConcurrentAsyncGetReportInstances
  • ConcurrentSyncReportRuns
  • DailyApiRequests
  • DailyAsyncApexExecutions
  • DailyBulkApiRequests
  • DailyGenericStreamingApiEvents
  • DailyStreamingApiEvents
  • DailyWorkflowEmails
  • DataStorageMB
  • FileStorageMB
  • HourlyAsyncReportRuns
  • HourlyDashboardRefreshes
  • HourlyDashboardResults
  • HourlyDashboardStatuses
  • HourlySyncReportRuns
  • HourlyTimeBasedWorkflow
  • MassEmail
  • SingleEmail
  • StreamingApiConcurrentClients

If you don't have access to Workbench or want to avoid it, there is an alternative way to do this. You can use a cURL. You'll need the session ID and the Org instance name. 

Open your terminal or command prompt and use the cURL with the syntax: 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer YourSessionId'
-H 'X-PrettyPrint:1' -o ~/downloads/outputLogFile.csv

This will download a CSV file with all the maximum limits and the remaining limits 

Small Alert Icon NOTE: cURL is an open source tool and is not supported by Salesforce.


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