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Calculating duration from Lead creation to Opportunity close

Knowledge Article Number 000213211

This article explains the step for calculating number of days taken to Close an Opportunity since the Lead was created.

  • This can be only done through using Report Type: 'Leads with converted lead information'.
  • Also it includes creating two custom formula field one on Lead and other on Opportunity

To calculate days taken from creation of lead to closer of opportunity follow the below steps:

  1. Create formula field on Leads with Return type:  number & 0 decimal places. Name can be 'Days took to Convert' formula: ConvertedDate - datevalue(CreatedDate). This would give us days took to convert the Lead to opportunity.
  2. Create formula field on Opportunity with Return type:  number & 0 decimal places. Name can be 'Days Took to Close' formula: CloseDate - datevalue( CreatedDate ). This would give us days taken to close the opportunity.
  3. Create report on Report Type: 'Leads with converted lead information'.
  4. Use the created formula field on the report.
  5. Since we need to add formula to report needs to be in Summary Format, summarize the report by Opportunity Name.
  6. Create Custom summary formula on this report to add 'Days took to Convert'Days Took to Close'
  7. If you use above mention nomenclature the report formula would look this " Lead.Days_took_to_Convert__c:SUM + Opportunity.Days_Took_to_Close__c:SUM "
The report formula field would give you days taken from Lead Creation to Opportunity Close

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