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Fix Salesforce1 performance issues or problems

Knowledge Article Number 000213220

Before you use this article, make sure you have reviewed our article the types of devices not supported for Salesforce1.

Salesforce1 performance issues can be difficult to resolve because there are several factors in play when dealing with a mobile app's performance.

You can help Salesforce Customer Support find a resolution to your problem by gathering the right information before you submit a case.

Please remember, Salesforce can not guarantee the performance of Salesforce1 on older devices and cannot support them.



Self-diagnose Salesforce1 problems  (troubleshooting steps)

  • Test your network connectivity. Since carrier and WiFi signals can vary greatly in quality, always test your connection to Salesforce1 on a different network to see if your problem is due to network connectivity or an issue with the Salesforce1 platform.
  • Update your mobile OS and app software. Outdated software can absolutely cause problems with Salesforce1 functionality. Always use the latest versions the Salesforce1 app, your mobile web browsers, and Android or iOS to address performance issues.
  • Clear your mobile cache. If you see a spinning arrow when you try to access Salesforce1 (or a record that was in Salesforce1), try to clear your mobile cache by following the steps our "How to clear cache in Salesforce1" help article.


Get assistance from Salesforce Customer Support

If you're unable to diagnose the problem on your own, we're here to help. Create a case with Salesforce Customer Support and include these details in your case and we can help triage your issue:

Include the steps to reproduce the issue

It's critical for us to know exactly how and where the problem occurs. Please be as exact as possible when you send us what actions lead to the issue.

  • Good - Salesforce1 on iOS > Go to "Task" tab > Tap "New" Button > Choose Record Type A > Fill in the field (provide specific details on fields as well) and click "Save."
  • Avoid - Go into App > Attempt to Log a call.

Include your device type and OS version and Salesforce1 platform (web browser, mobile app, or both)

It will speed the process along if we know your device details when you submit your case. Since Salesforce1 can interact differently with different platforms, knowing more details will help resolve your issue faster. For example, you could include on or both of these descriptions:

  • "The problem happens when I use Salesforce1 in Google Chrome v52 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 running Android v6.0"
  • "The problem happens when I use Salesforce1 app v10 on my iPhone 6+ running iOS 9"

Note: If the problem only happens in one environment (mobile app doesn't function but the browser version does), we recommend using the functioning version until we can help find the resolution.

Include when the problem started happening

Help us by including whether the problem occurred just after a major release (Spring 16), after the release of a new version of the mobile app (iOS v10), or after a new OS release (iOS 9.0). These can all help narrow down the root cause of the issue.

Include your mobile network type (and SSO or VPN)

If you can use other mobile services but not Salesforce1, also include in your case details the type of network you're connecting through (VPN or secure WiFi, for example) to help us troubleshoot.

Include log files from your device with your case

Attach log files to your case for our team to review to give us specific details about your problem:

  • iOS - App > Settings > Advanced > Send Event Logs
  • Android - Settings > Advanced > Send Event Logs

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