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How to create a Field / Report which shows Days since "Last Activity" ?

Knowledge Article Number 000213223
Description We can follow the below mentioned steps if we need to show a Field on the record or a Report with information with Days since "Last Activity".

  1. Create a custom formula field on the object with (Data Type - Formula & Formula Return Type - Number ).
  2. Use the formula: TODAY() - LastActivityDate
  3. Since "LastActivityDate" is a system field it will only be visible when inserting the formula.
  4. This field will calculate based upon the Last Activity field.
  5. Now you can create a Report on the object showing the field for Days since "Last Activity".
​Few points to remember:
  • Standard objects have the "Last Activity" field by default when you create a report.
  • Last activity date for custom object will appear only when you have checked "Allow Activities" checkbox.
  • Future activities can result in negative numbers being displayed.
  • When you have Shared Activities for your Contacts, Last Activity will only show for the Primary Contact.
  • Not all objects support "LastActivityDate" check the API Guide to see if your object does.

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