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Clarifications to the Maps and Location Service Limits

Knowledge Article Number 000213243
Description I understand that Maps and Location Services uses Google Maps to display maps on standard address fields, enable creation of Visualforce maps, and helps users enter new addresses with autocomplete and that there are certain limits, like the a limit of 4,000 map views per paid user, per year.

I would like to clarify the questions mentioned below.
Resolution Q: Is the limit of 4,000 map views a sum of Salesforce1 access and Browser (computer-based) access?
A: Yes. The map views are mixed together for purposes of the limit

Q: If there are two Users and one of them does not use the Maps and Location Services functionality, can the other User use Map Services up until 8,000?
A: Yes. Each User contributes to the pool of available map views which is shared by all.

Q: Is there a way to consolidate all accounts in one single Map?
A: It is not possible with standard functionality but there are packages in our AppExchange that offer this functionality (e.g. Geopointe).

Q: Do you store the geolocation data? If so, is it reusable afterwards? (e.g. use that data to populate other fields)
A: No. At the moment we pass the raw address every time and the map is generated directly off that.

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