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Gmail rendering white space between images

Knowledge Article Number 000213283
There's a common rendering issue in Gmail that happens when sending emails composed of "sliced" images, where you have setup the images like cells on an email or Webpage. It's commonly desired for those images to sit next to each other without spaces. The CSS should explicitly call out that there's a display block to allow those images to sit directly next to each other.  Without that declaration, Gmail's rendering engine inserts 2-3 pixels of white space in between vertically stacked images, making it look as though you're looking at the email through window blinds. 

Add CSS tags

In order to remove these spaces from showing in Gmail, you can include inline CSS tags to your image tags ( <img> ). The specific CSS style declaration that you'll add is:


Adding this style tag will force Gmail to eliminate the spacing in between your images.

Want to learn more? Review Adobe's documentation on Slices and Image Maps.

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