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Enable the "Organization Admins Can Login as Any User" feature

Knowledge Article Number 000213285
With this feature enabled, System Administrators can log in as any user in their organization without asking internal end-users to grant login access. Before you request this feature, review two pieces of documentation:


How to enable the "Organization Admins Can Login as Any User" feature


  • If your org uses Summer '15 or later, use the steps under "Enable Organization Admins Can Login As Any User."
  • If your org was upgraded from Professional Edition to Enterprise Edition, use the steps under "Request feature enablement from Salesforce Support."


Manually enable "Organization Admins Can Login as Any User"

1. Click Setup
2. Under "Administer," select Security Controls | Login Access Policies.
3. Select Administrators Can Log in as Any User.
4. Click Save.

If don't have access to the feature and your organization isn't Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer Edition, vote for the enhancement request on the IdeaExchange. If your organization is one of these editions, check with your System Administrator to activate the access permissions on your profile.

Request feature enablement from Salesforce Support

1. Have a System Administrator create a case with Salesforce Customer Support.
2. In the case details, include:

  • Your business case or justification.
  • Your organization ID where you want the feature to be enabled.
  • The text "Feature requested: Enable Org Admins to log in as any user without having access granted by the users​"

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