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No such column 'ContractId' on entity 'Opportunity'

Knowledge Article Number 000213295
Description If you have ContractID being used in any of record or fast elements in flow while updating opportunity, 
While running a flow "Unhandled Fault" is displayed.

On checking debug log it specifies, 
No such column 'ContractId' on entity 'Opportunity'
Resolution By default Contract field on Opportunity is hidden from all profiles. 
In order to make it visible follow the steps
  1. Go to Setup->Customize->Opportunity->Fields
  2. Click on Contract 
  3. Click on "Set Field Level Security" button
  4. Make Field visible to the profile which is running a flow
Steps to Reproduce:
  • Create a flow
  • Add a screen element with the a text field
  • Add a fast lookup element
  • In the lookup, Select Opportunity as the object
  • In the field select contract ID
  • Add another screen stating 'Thank you'
  • Now connect screen element to Fast Lookup element
  • Connect the fast lookup element to 'Thank you' screen element
  • Set the first screen element as the Starting Point
  • Go to any of the opportunity record and copy the 15 digit Record ID
  • Run The Flow
  • Paste this ID as the input
  • Click on Next and you will encounter the error "Unhandled Fault"

Make the contract ID visible on Opportunity Object

Now repeat the testing and you will find that the error does not occur anymore

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